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  • Air Canada Pionairs Pension Sub-Committee Submission to Federal Government

    In December 2018, your Pionairs Pension Sub-Committee submitted a document focused on protecting and securing your and future retirees’ Pensions.  You can read that submission <here>

    This document was recently acknowledged by the Director General, marketplace Framework Policy Branch as noted below.

    You are encouraged to visit the Retirement Security Consultations website to view the many other submissions on this important topic.



    I write to you today on behalf of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED), Finance Canada, the Minister of Seniors, and Employment and Social Development Canada. As you know, in Budget 2018, the Government committed to obtaining feedback from pensioners, workers and companies in order to take a whole-of-government, evidence-based approach towards addressing retirement security for all Canadians. As part of that consultation process, you made


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  • Welcome to U.K. - E.C.
    Michael Judkins
    District Director

    We currently have some 531 members living around the globe. Apart from the UK/EC contingent we have members in Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Thailand and South Africa.

    The executive committee hold four meetings each year and we send out a monthly newsletter to our members.

    Several functions are organised each year by our very able social team, culminating in our Christmas Lunch in December. The AGM takes place in May.

    Our thanks go to those volunteers who assist with the preparation and dispatch of the newsletter.

    uk 460

    Members in PIK get together on a regular basis, as do the LHR passenger office staff, and those in ramps/Cargo and flight dispatch.

    Please let a member of the committee know if your email address changes or if indeed you have recently obtained one.

    Thanks for visiting our web page.

    Michael Judkins
    District Director


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