Retirees in Quebec

Air Canada PIonairs is pleased to pass along the following information provided to us by Air Canada.

Reminder: Bi-annual adjusted taxable benefits for Health has been calculated

Air Canada provides certain benefits to its retirees. The contributions and/or premiums that Air Canada pays on your behalf are taxable benefits under Federal and Provincial Income Tax regulations. Every year, Air Canada projects how much it expects to pay towards the Basic Health plan, this is called ‘ projected taxable benefits’. If the actual claims experience is less than or greater than the projected amount, an adjustment is calculated.

Following a review of actual health plan experience, the taxable benefit adjustment was calculated for employees with Health coverage, and will be reflected on the next pay.

If you have any questions related to this notice, please


It's been over 100 days since the federal government announced in its 2018 / 2019 budget that it was finally going to take some action to address the critical need to improve pension protection in insolvency. While the budget line was nothing more than a lukewarm promise to consult, it was progress. We thought.

Since then, CARP and its partners - including Pionairs Pension Sub-Committee - have had informal hallway conversations with politicians and bureaucrats about next steps, but nothing more. No concrete steps have been taken to address the risks that face far too many corporate pensioners. After 100 days, there is no excuse for their inaction.

The time is up.

In a matter of weeks, thousands of Sears pensioners will see their pensions slashed, while millions of other Canadians remain at risk. Our retirees deserve better.

CARP and its coalition partners - including Air Canada Pionairs Pension Sub-Committee - has been calling on the government to legislate super-priority status for unfunded pension liabilities. If a company goes bankrupt, pensioners should be paid first! But the government has failed to act.

We must pressure our politicians to do what's right.

If you believe retirees deserve better treatment, e-mail your MP to demand super-priority for pensioners now.

CARP has provided a simple method to email a letter to your MP. CLICK HERE. On the new page, click on EMAIL YOUR MP, then enter your first name, last name, email address and postal code (no spaces) in the box provided. Adding your postal code will automatically address your email to the MP for your area.

We recommend adding your name and location (e.g. John Doe, My town, My province.)


  1. Find your MP here:
  2. Click on their picture and look for their email address
  3. Click on their email address to open your email message form
  4. cc:,,
  5. Click here to see the text for Dear MP. Highlight and copy.
  6. Paste the text into your email form
  7. Add your name, City and Province at the bottom and Send.

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There are many reasons retirees choose to join Pionairs:

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  • reading regular updates in the Alliance
  • attending coffee meetings and special events in various Districts
  • accessing the Pionairs website
  • and garnering full Membership support from subject matter experts.

We have produced 4 videos (2 English and 2 French) of Pionairs members and their story of how joining Pionairs became their next chapter after retirement.

Please share these videos with Air Canada retirees who have not yet joined Pionairs. We’d love to welcome them to the next chapter in their lives! Simply click on the "Click here to join the Pionairs" button on the right.

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