Think before you click, be aware before you share

Adopting a safety first, always, mindset when it comes to cybersecurity

means more than just having a strong password or passphrase. It extends to

our awareness and being cautious of anything we may receive electronically.

These tactics are referred to as “social engineering” and use not just email

but also SMS texts. They are designed to take advantage of human traits

such as curiosity, courteousness and greed.

Learn more about the different types of social engineering here or

take this free five-minute course (accessible from Edge and Chrome)

to help you better identify online scams and

stay ahead of cyber criminals’ tactics.



JULY courses:

Getting to Know Your iPad (English )

Facebook for Beginners (English)

Hosting a Zoom Meeting (English)

AUGUST courses:

YouTube for Beginners (English and French)

How iCloud storage works (English and French)

Getting to Know Your iPad (English)

Facebook for Beginners (English)

These courses are free to members.


AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE Pionairs works closely with the Canadian Federation of Pensioners and C.A.R.P. With them, Pionairs is encouraging all members to contact their MP to support an important Bill before the House.

Bill C-253 — An Act to amend the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act seeks to give pensioners priority in the event a company goes bankrupt. Bill C-253 will be reviewed at Committee at the end of May.

This is a private member’s bill before the House that seeks to safeguard defined benefit pensions. We need the support of pensioners like you to ensure this bill passes.

Urgent action is needed now to ensure it passes.

Here’s how you can help: Tell Your MP to Support Bill C-253: To email your Member of Parliament, click this link, complete the brief form down the page and “Send Now.”

iPad Winners!

President Barry Hoeppner, along with Director of Communications Larry Johns and Travis Roe from our accounting firm, The Exchange Group, today held the draws for new iPads for new and referring Pionairs members.

The lucky new member winners are:

Dave Parker – Nova Scotia and PEI District

Joanne Du Bois – South Alberta District

Referring member winners are:

Earnie Sweet – Central ON District

Lawson Tremellen – Quebec District

The Membership Survey iPad winner is:

Elliot Saunders – Central ON District

You can view a video of the draw HERE.



Explorations is a free program that provides training on courses of interest to Pionairs members.

We have provided several courses on Zoom for Beginners, Hosting a Zoom Meeting, and Internet Security, and are developing plans for Wellness seminars, How to Use Aeronet/HR Connex, AC Life, Estate Planning and many more.

Membership in Pionairs provides a lot of value for only $20/year – and that includes your spouse/partner. If you are not a Pionairs member and would like to take part in these free programs and enjoy the many other benefits of membership, simply click the “Join Pionairs” button at the top of the page. We’d love to have you join us!


Rose Ann reflects on how supportive her Air Canada family has been throughout her career and how they have continued to be an integral part of her life as she writes her next chapter.


Nicole has followed her passion for art and enjoys sharing this passion and her time with other Pionairs members. The sense of belonging her fellow Pionairs give her reassure her that the bonds of friendship will last far beyond her retirement.



During our time at Air Canada, we forge strong bonds that can be described more like family than just friendships. The Air Canada Pionairs allows us to maintain those relationships while exploring the next chapter in our lives. These are bonds that helped define who we are and help prepare us for what comes next…



Pionairs is the official organization recognized by Air Canada to represent retired employees. We are available to answer your questions and provide you with relevant information, updates on travel privileges and industry news, pension and benefits, and more…


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