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APC and AMM videos now on-line

We are pleased to advise that all video presentations from the 42nd Annual Conference and Meeting are now on-line for members. Once logged in, please select Events > 2019 APC/AMM videos.




The following information on previous delays at ClaimSecure was received today from Air Canada Global Benefits.

“With the implementation of ClaimSecure’s new claims adjudication system on March 23, we understand that there was an increase in call volume which impacted call wait times and an increase in the volume of claims being received.

For the past several weeks, ClaimSecure report that the call volumes and claim volumes are back on track for the dedicated Air Canada number and claims team.

So, for Air Canada, it is business as usual and retirees can submit their claims and expect a response within the normal turnaround times (3 business days).”


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Vancouver District 2019 Spring Event - Cruise Up Indian Arm

On June 9, 136 Pionairs members from the Vancouver District enjoyed a 4-hour cruise up picturesque Indian Arm.  Along the way they enjoyed a buffet lunch and of course the camaraderie of fellow Pionairs and Beautiful BC Scenery!

See more pictures of this event at https://www.pionairs.ca/vancouver


Attention Quebec Retirees

Reminder: Bi-annual adjusted taxable benefits for Health has been calculated

Air Canada provides certain benefits to its retirees. The contributions and/or premiums that Air Canada pays on your behalf are taxable benefits under Federal and Provincial Income Tax regulations. Every year, Air Canada projects how much it expects to pay towards the Basic Health plan, this is called “projected taxable benefits”. If the actual claims experience is less than or greater than the projected amount, an adjustment is calculated.

Following a review of actual health plan experience, the taxable benefit adjustment was calculated for employees with Health coverage, and will be reflected on the next pay.

If you have any questions related to this notice, please contact benefits.avantages@aircanada.ca

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Rose Anne’s Story Rose Ann reflects on how supportive her Air Canada family has been throughout her career and how they have continued to be an integral part of her life as she writes her next chapter. Watch Video
Nicole’s Story Nicole has followed her passion for art and enjoys sharing this passion and her time with other Pionairs members. The sense of belonging her fellow Pionairs give her reassure her that the bonds of friendship will last far beyond her retirement. Watch Video

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Membership Discover your next adventure
During our time at Air Canada, we forge strong bonds that can be described more like family than just friendships. The Air Canada Pionairs allows us to maintain those relationships while exploring the next chapter in our lives. These are bonds that helped define who we are and help prepare us for what comes next.

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The Air Canada Pionairs organization is part of a large family that shares a common bond and so much history. We have a love of the airline industry, but what we treasure most is the many lifelong friendships we have made over the years.

I believe it is absolutely essential that Air Canada’s retirees maintain a strong and dynamic organization dedicated to the welfare of its members.  If you're not yet a member, we'd love to have you join us.  Just click on 'Join Pionairs.'

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