44th Annual Members Meeting

Pionairs adapts to Pandemic restrictions

The Pionairs 44th Annual Members Meeting was held outdoors on May 7 in Winnipeg. Pandemic restrictions prevented any indoor meetings and limited outdoor meetings to no more than ten participants.

In spite of cool temperatures and a light wind, the meeting went smoothly .

The full video of the AMM will be available shortly on our website.


May courses:

Zoom for Beginners (English and French),

Hosting a Zoom Meeting (English and French.

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Travel Care Team – change of hours

8am – 6pm ET, Mon – Fri (Closed Sat-Sun, public holidays)

[email protected]

1-833-847-3675 – Anywhere in North America

1-514-369-4096 – All other locations

Pionairs Helping Pionairs.

Physically Distanced. Socially Connected


Explorations is a free program that provides training on courses of interest to Pionairs members.

We have provided several courses on Zoom for Beginners, Hosting a Zoom Meeting, and Internet Security, and are developing plans for Wellness seminars, How to Use Aeronet/HR Connex, AC Life, Estate Planning and many more.

Membership in Pionairs provides a lot of value for only $20/year – and that includes your spouse/partner. If you are not a Pionairs member and would like to take part in these free programs and enjoy the many other benefits of membership, simply click the “Join Pionairs” button at the top of the page. We’d love to have you join us!

Social engineering:

Think before you click, be aware before you share

Adopting a safety first, always, mindset when it comes to cybersecurity means more than just having a strong password or passphrase. It extends to our awareness and being cautious of anything we may receive electronically.

These tactics are referred to as “social engineering” and use not just email but also SMS texts. They are designed to take advantage of human traits such as curiosity, courteousness and greed. Learn more about the different types of social engineering here or take this free five-minute course (accessible from Edge and Chrome) to help you better identify online scams and stay ahead of cyber criminals’ tactics.



Rose Ann reflects on how supportive her Air Canada family has been throughout her career and how they have continued to be an integral part of her life as she writes her next chapter.


Nicole has followed her passion for art and enjoys sharing this passion and her time with other Pionairs members. The sense of belonging her fellow Pionairs give her reassure her that the bonds of friendship will last far beyond her retirement.



During our time at Air Canada, we forge strong bonds that can be described more like family than just friendships. The Air Canada Pionairs allows us to maintain those relationships while exploring the next chapter in our lives. These are bonds that helped define who we are and help prepare us for what comes next…



Pionairs is the official organization recognized by Air Canada to represent retired employees. We are available to answer your questions and provide you with relevant information, updates on travel privileges and industry news, pension and benefits, and more…


The Air Canada Pionairs organization is part of a large family that shares a common bond and so much history. We have a love of the airline industry, but what we treasure most is the many lifelong friendships we have made over the years.

I believe it is absolutely essential that Air Canada’s retirees maintain a strong and dynamic organization dedicated to the welfare of its members. If you’re not yet a member, we’d love to have you join us. Just click on ‘Join Pionairs.’

Barry Hoeppner