New Brunswick & PEI

Welcome to New Brunswick and PEI Pionairs District

2024 marks the beginning of a new chapter for our district. We officially combined the
provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island to form our unique District. This is
exciting news for our membership.

Throughout the year we plan get togethers for our members with luncheons through out the
district. In the past we have in NB joined together in the in the central location of Sussex for our
Tri-City luncheons. Held in Spring and Fall, we provide in person updates on recent AGM and
AFIS meetings held throughout the country. In addition to this twice-yearly event, we host
other smaller luncheons in the Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton areas. We are also adding
Charlottetown to our meeting programs in 2024. We end the year with a Christmas luncheon
typically held in Saint John.

These gatherings are a great opportunity to catch up with former colleagues, meet fellow
Pionairs from other areas in the district, and share some fellowship and good times.

As a member of our District, you will receive our Fall, Winter and Spring and Summer District
newsletters. We communicate with you on our events, both local and National; bring news
from AC; provide tips and updates that will keep you informed about Pionairs and the industry.
We also love hearing from our members so we can share their travel experiences and tips.

We welcome retired and former employees from the Air Canada, Canadian Airlines, and
affiliated airline families to join our group. We hope to see you soon!

Welcome to the New Brunswick & PEIĀ  District home page.

We would be glad to see you come and join us.

Detailed information is available to members after logging in


District Executive