Pionairs Membership Campaign

Process for the draw for iPad winners, July 20, 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic precluded our normal method of a more public draw for our first Membership Campaign iPad winners.  This draw was held at the offices of the Exchange Group in Winnipeg Manitoba.  Pionairs President, Barry Hoeppner, and Exchange Group Partner Michael Delaurier conducted the draw as follows:

  1. All new members names were entered on a spread sheet and numbered from 1-459.
  2. A ‘ticket’ for each of the 459 new members was placed in the draw box. 
  3. Michael Delaurier then drew a number and referenced it to the name on the spreadsheet list.
  4. The exact same process was used for the 128 referring members draw.

The Exchange Group verified that every number was in the draw boxes and that it was the same amount as the names on the lists.

Congratulations to new member Pedro Granes, Central Ontario District, and referring member Louise Julien, South Alberta District for each winning a new iPad!

If you know of any Air Canada, Canadian Airlines or constituent airlines retirees who have not yet joined Pionairs, please give them a call and ask them to join!  It’s very easy – just go to Pionairs.ca and click “Join Pionairs”.