In December 2018, your Pionairs Pension Sub-Committee submitted a document focused on protecting and securing your and future retirees’ Pensions.  You can read that submission <here>.

This document was recently acknowledged by the Director General, marketplace Framework Policy Branch as noted below.

You are encouraged to visit the Retirement Security Consultations website to view the many other submissions on this important topic.


I write to you today on behalf of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED), Finance Canada, the Minister of Seniors, and Employment and Social Development Canada. As you know, in Budget 2018, the Government committed to obtaining feedback from pensioners, workers and companies in order to take a whole-of-government, evidence-based approach towards addressing retirement security for all Canadians. As part of that consultation process, you made a formal written submission.

I’m pleased to inform you that your submission has now been posted online. We invite you to view all of the posted submission online by visiting the Retirement Security Consultations website at:

We are very grateful for your participation in this important process. On behalf of ISED, Finance Canada, the Minister of Seniors, and Employment and Social Development Canada, we look forward to continuing to work with your organization. 

Mark Schaan

Director General, Marketplace Framework Policy Branch

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) / Government of Canada / Tel: 343-291-3700 / C : 613-793-6564

Directeur général, Direction générale des politiques-cadres du marché

Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada (ISDE) / Gouvernement du Canada / Tel: 343-291-3700 / C : 613-793-6564