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Welcome to Calgary District 

Wendy Kraft
Wendy Kraft
District Director

Welcome to the Calgary District Pionairs. Our membership has increased nicely to a current 706 members. We have a talented Calgary board and 3 excellent functions per year in Calgary at which we have lots of fun and also keep you informed. We send out 4 Newsletters per year to keep our members informed. Our current Board Members are Barbara Cowley, Irene Hale, Alexandra Slawek, Stella LeBlanc, Liz Smith and Adele Wallace.

Open participation is encouraged at our functions. We offer a “One Minute Plug” segment where members can plug their businesses, hobbies or charities where it benefits our members. We also add impromptu airline and other trivia questions to our meetings which sets a fun and competitive tone. Always we seek pertinent speakers, and attractive venues with atmosphere and quality food. 


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Calgary District Board

Our Christmas 2013 luncheon at the Silver Springs Golf and Country Club was a great success. We thank Jacque Levesque, Past President, and his wife Dorothy for attending. They added a great deal to the atmosphere. A special impromptu collection for our struggling War Veterans was met with great member reception. Our next 2014 function is our Pre Stampede Luncheon at the Elks Golf Club, 23 June. We will be holding elections at that time. Your local board requires a Treasurer and a District Director, both for 2 year terms. If nominated I will become Assistant District Director in charge of Newsletter. If you have interest in any of these positions please email me for more information at We will also take nominations from the floor.

Calgary Pionairs get things done! How can you help?

We must increase our membership. As a National non-profit organization Pionairs must represent 50+% of all AC retirees. Our membership fee is $20.00 per year. If you know any retired Air Canada employees who are not Pionair members, please urge them to register on the home page of ‘’. The $20.00 is taken off your pension cheque in June each year.
Our Pension and Benefits Committee provides a vital lobby to the Federal Government and Air Canada to ensure our pensions are protected and our voices are heard. Each time you are requested through bulletins from our Pension and Benefits Committee to write or email letters to our Finance Minister, in support of pension security, PLEASE take the 5 minutes required, choose one of the sample letters supplied, and email or mail your view to the Minister. The last ‘call to write’ produced letters from only 13% of Pionairs. This frankly is not a strong enough show of support. Legislation can go to the back burner if our interest is not vehemently expressed. VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE OF OUR PENSION SECURITY. Please take the time.
HELP the board locally in keeping your address, phone and most important email information up to date. This can be done on ‘’. Or email a Board Member to update your contacts information. We don’t want you to miss important news and invitations. Do remember that updates to Air Canada do not come to Pionairs.

Calgary members we thank you for your support and your ideas. We look forward to meeting you at our local functions.

Wendy Kraft, District Director