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November 12, 2021 – Air Canada Share Trust Repurposing

Today, Patricia Lannon, President of the Air Canada Pionairs, issued a statement regarding Air Canada’s announcement of its agreement (read the press release here) with both the Pionairs and the Canadian unions to repurpose shares held in trust from 2009 to support its pension plans: “On behalf of the Pionairs and Air Canada retirees, we […]

April 2021 – Pionairs Pension Committee Review of Early Retirement Incentive Program

To all Pionairs members – ‍Many of our members have inquired about Air Canada’s plan to offer an Early Retirement Incentive Plan (ERIP) to the unionized groups.  The proposal put forward by Air Canada was a way to make early retirement an immediate possibility for its senior people and give an opportunity for the laid off junior […]

March 31, 2021 – Pionairs submission to Finance Canada

Pionairs submission to Finance Canada on proposals to support the sustainability of and strengthen the framework for federally regulated private pension plans. Background As part of the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Economy Response Plan which introduced temporary funding relief measures last year, the Department of Finance committed to consult with stakeholders on options to provide […]

03 April 2020 Pension Sub-Committee Update on Pension Protection

Over several years, the Pionairs through our Pension Sub-Committee has established credibility with the federal Ministry of Finance as an advocacy group for Air Canada pensioners.  For that reason, the Ministry reached out to the Pionairs Pension Sub-Committee to hear our views on how best to address the needs of all Canadian pensioners in general […]

24 March 2020 News on the Financial Health of the Air Canada Pension Plans

Many members have expressed concerns over the state of the Air Canada pension plans as a result of the challenges being faced by Air Canada due to the COVID-19 outbreak.   Your Pionairs Pension Sub-Committee is following these developments closely and has been in touch with Air Canada. Air Canada has assured us that this […]


Pionairs knows how important your Pension is to you. The Pionairs Pension Sub-Committee acts as your voice to protect your pension and provide the security and stability that is important to us all.This group of knowledgeable and experienced people, along with firms and organizations expert in the Pension field, has been very active over the […]


The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) is coordinating a National Day of Action to remind Members of Parliament that protection of retirement funds must be improved. Through Air Canada Pionairs’ membership in the Canadian Federation of Pensioners, representing some 240,000 pensioners, You can help. BACKGROUND Thanks to the work of the Air Canada Pionairs (the “Pionairs”), […]