Get GREAT reductions on vacation packages, cruises, hotels, car rentals and more with Air Canada Vacations - Positive space air travel!

Every week Air Canada Vacations (ACV) offers a selection of staff deals to AC employees, retirees, friends and family members. You can see the latest deals, on ACaeronet>HR Connex>Retirement>Employee Discounts (, or via the Employee Travel website –

All prices on the staff site are already pre-discounted. ACV packages include Confirmed Air – no passes, no stand-by, no worries!

How to give friends and family access to ACV deals

To share discounted Air Canada Vacations rates with those close to you, you will need to create an individual profile for each friend or family member. How?

Simply click on the Air Canada Vacations tab in the Employee Travel website, click My Account, go to Friends and Family and select Create user. Enter user’s first name, last name and a valid e-mail address then select a password. You must create an individual account with a unique password for each friend or family member.


DO NOT solicit the assistance of travel agents in any way when planning a holiday. In the event this confidential information is disclosed to travel agents, all Air Canada Vacations travel privileges for the employees accountable will be suspended, and the booking will be cancelled.

The Air Canada Vacations personnel cannot guide you through the Air Canada ETS web procedures. Please refer to Chapter 3 - ETS General Information page in this document.


That you can also use your pass to travel standby on any AC Vacation flights providing they are operated by a regular Air Canada Flight – just register on the employee travel site.