District Director

Ursula Stamp

District Director


Ursula joined Eastern Provincial Airways in March, 1973 in the St. John's reservations office. She transferred to Halifax in 1975, first to the reservations office and later to the Airport as a CSSA. Following the change of EPA to CPAir and subsequently Canadian Airlines, she returned to St. John's in 1977 at the airport and city ticket office..

Canadian Airlines closed St. John's in 1995 and Ursula moved back to Halifax. Following the Air Canada CAIL merge she returned again to St. John's airport counter until her retirement in 2007.

Along with shift work, Ursula found time to volunteer in various capacities and at the same time improve her hobby skills.

Born in St. John's, she continues to remain active with her husband, three daughters and six grandchildren and looks forward to the challenge of District Director for Pionairs in the Newfoundland and Labrador District.