District Director


Lesley Huether is both pleased and honoured to be considered for the position of District Director, Central Ontario Region, of Pionairs.

Lesley joined Air Canada in 1976, post-college, at the Toronto Call Centre where she spent the majority of her career.

During her 35 years with AC, primarily in Customer service, Lesley enjoyed and experienced a number of varied job functions, including 12 years as a Rates and Tariff agent, and over20 years as a Training Instructor among many other responsibilities.

For 8 of those years, Lesley enjoyed the role of Director with ACRA (Air Canada Recreation Association) representing the Toronto Call Centre.

As a shift worker for many years, volunteering was not always easy, however she managed to assist her local church, serving as a Hospitality leader, Administrative assistant as well as participating as a Sunday server whenever she was able. She continues in this capacity through to the present.

Like many of her fellow Pionairs, a love of travel (especially to unusual and exotic environs) is an ongoing passion. Lesley attends Aquafit classes 3 times weekly, is a voracious reader and has spent an average of 1 day a week working at a local Travel agency since her retirement from AC.

Lesley has been happily married to her husband Robert for 33+ years, and although they have no children, they do have a precocious feline named Molly who allows them to live with her.

Lesley joined Pionairs upon retirement in March 2012 and attended as many chapters as possible. She was delighted when, after a 15-year term of dedicated service, the founder and original leader, Shirley Stoute of the Central District East end chapter asked her to take over the reins. Lesley has held this position since Oct. 2014.

For the past year, Lesley has been acting as Assistant Director to the Central District Director, under the tutelage of David McNeilly, attempting to learn as much as possible about this wonderful organization.

She is enthusiastic about this new challenge and delighted to be part of such a great team of dedicated individuals.