District Director

Garland Snelgrove


Garland Snelgrove was born and raised in Lower Island Cove, a small village in Conception Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador. Leaving home at the age of 16, he went to work in an upholstery shop in Montreal West for approx three years.

In May of 1961, Garland joined Trans Canada Airlines. Starting on the ramp as a Station Attendant, Lead, Acting Supervisor, he eventually moved into a management position.

After a number of years at Dorval, Garland joined a project team at Mirabel for about three years, transferred to Halifax 1977 as Duty Manager then to Aircraft Services Manager; Aircraft Services & Commissary Manager, and later to Airport Services Manager.

Due to management cut-backs, he ended his career as Airport Customer Services Manager and retired in 1993.

Garland took a short-term assignment as a consultant with Air Atlantic and was elated when Hudson General’s V. P. of Operations came looking for him and was hired as General Manager for approximately 8 years at Halifax.

Following a second retirement he started a small business – ‘lawn manicuring & snow removal’.

Since retirement from Air Canada, Garland has been a Pionairs member. On April 4, 2005, he became the District Director for Nova Scotia & P.E.I. until May 2011. He then took a leave from the position and re-volunteered for District Director September 2017 till 2019.

After a few years of sabbatical Garland re-volunteered in January 2023 for a two-year assignment.

Assistant District Director - Ken McLeod

Treasurer - Charles Stock

Secretary - Barbara Brown

Membership - Edwina Snelgrove

Committee Board members at large

Don Carter - EPA, CAIL, AC

Gus Gallahue - EPA, CAIL, AC

Ralph Hiscock - EPA, CAIL, AC

David Savard - Past President

Other volunteers

Christine Simon - AC

Carol Defrahan - AC