Ingrid Young

District Director



At the beginning of 2016 our District has 3555 members spread out all over the Belle Province, from Rouyn-Noranda to the North Shore, Gaspé, the Eastern Townships, the Laurentians, Québec, but mainly in Laval and Montreal.

We have a dedicated Committee of about 20 dynamic individuals who meet once a month at Air Canada’s HQ in Dorval to plan District activities that are held during the year. On top of those main activities, many different groups meet regularly for breakfast or lunch.

We encourage all our members to participate in those gatherings as it is a wonderful opportunity to come across former colleagues and friends. You can see in our newsletter “The Sentinel” when and where all those activities and gatherings are being held.

Our Newsletter “The Sentinel” is published four times a year in both French and English language. It contains important information for our members, and as mentioned above, it keeps you informed about the on-going and future activities that are held during the year. You can access it on this website by selecting “Newsletter” on the left of this page. A paper version is also mailed to those without access to the Internet.

Like my predecessors, I think it is essential that Air Canada’s retirees maintain a strong and dynamic organization (Pionairs) dedicated to the welfare of its members, and the preservation of their acquired benefits and privileges. The viability of any non-profit corporation such as ours relies totally on the dedication and enthusiasm of its members; your continued support is the key ingredient for success. If you know of some friends who are not yet members of the Pionairs, encourage them to join our organization.

Thank you for your support,

Georges BujoldDirector,

Québec District