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District Director



Thank you for visiting the Pionairs South West Ontario District page.

We are seeking a Pionairs member to take on the position of District Director for Southwest Ontario.

Role: The District Director is the key, lead person in their District for all matters relating to Pionairs, particularly relating to social activities. In summary, the District Director is expected to issue regular communications to District members, to organize and conduct in-person events and activities and attend regularly-scheduled meetings with fellow District Directors and National Executive Board members of Pionairs. The District Director can also be counted on to help members in the field (i.e. travel, where to find something on Aeronet, etc.).

This is a rewarding role as a team leader to ensure members in your District are kept engaged and up to date on matters such as Pension, Travel. Voluntary Supplementary Health Plan (VSHP). Social get togethers provide a great opportunity for members to gather and keep up with fellow-retirees.

If you are interested in becoming the District Director for this District, please contact Deedee Lannon at president@pionairs.ca