We currently have 460 members, and our UK/EC District covers UK, Europe, Middle East,

Far East, Australia, and New Zealand. The Executive Committee hold 4 meetings per year,

create 6 Newsletters, hold an AGM in May and Christmas Lunch. We had just started Coffee

meetings at the beginning of 2020. Then Covid-19 hit. All of our get-togethers have had to be

deferred or cancelled for the foreseeable future. We use ZOOM to hold Members “chats”.

As soon as restrictions ease we will start to resume some activities

Members in PIK get together on a regular basis, as do the LHR passenger office staff, and those in ramps/Cargo and flight dispatch.

Please let a member of the committee know if your email address changes or if indeed you have recently obtained one.

Thanks for visiting our web page.

Gerald White

District Director UK/EC