District Director

Anne Davidson


I started with CP Air in 1973 in Publications and Training in Vancouver working with a small group of women. We typed revisions to manuals for all departments.

I enjoyed working there, but as a single parent I was looking to improve my salary and benefits, so applied to work in the Reservations Office. I enjoyed working with the larger group in Res and having the benefits and protection of the union. I became involved in my workplace and over time ran for positions in the union so that for most of my career I held full-time positions in the union working with airline employees. So, I’ve been through the mergers, was elected President of our Local, CAW at the time, and then later was hired as a National Staff Rep with the CAW which is now Unifor. Without a doubt working with airline people was, and continues to be, the most satisfying endeavour. There’s something special about airline workers no matter what department they come from.

I recently restarted the Richmond coffee group. It used to be a large thriving group likely until COVID hit. The curling club was no longer willing to give us free space and after checking out several locations, I decided to book the community hall in my co-op. Meeting all of you in your coffee sessions I hope will give me ideas to make the Richmond meetings interesting. We are fortunate to have long-standing leaders here and I hope to learn from all of them.

It’s gone by so quickly that it’s hard to believe I’ve been retired since 2009. Retirement allowed me to get more involved in volunteer work and follow other interests.

I became involved in Pionairs once I realized that this organization is the only one that can really represent retirees, particularly in protecting our interests and more importantly our pensions. Unions’ priorities are driven by their active members which is natural, but the Pionairs is our vehicle to push retirees' issues with the airline. I intend to be engaged and bring issues you raise to the Executive.