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  • Vancouver B.C.



I was born in North Vancouver, one of 5 girls.

We moved back and forth between Vancouver and Ottawa until 1958 when my father’s work had us permanently living in North Vancouver. I attended Delbrook Senior Secondary School and after graduating I went to France to study in Aix-en-Province at l’Universite de Marseille.

I was hired by CP Air in 1974 as a Pool Agent with the understanding I would work in the BC District. I worked for 3 years in Terrace, then moved to Edmonton Airport. A year later I was back in Vancouver in the Reservations Office. I headed up the CP Air Employee Charitable Donations Drive in 1978. Finally in 1980 I was awarded Vancouver Airport where I worked until retiring in 2011.

Over the years I held many positions in the 3 Unions to which I belonged (BRAC, TCU, and CAW). I began as a Union Rep. Was a District Chair, and a Bargaining Rep. I was a Discussion Leader and CLC Instructor. I was a Health and Safety Rep and Shift Coordinator. I trained Union Leaders in Collective Bargaining, Human Rights, Grievance Handling, Public Speaking & Parliamentary Procedure and Facing Management. I studied courses on the Canadian Labour Code, Collective Bargaining and Arbitration. I am a graduate of the residential program at Labour College of Canada.

I also was a member of the Governor General's Leadership Conference in 1983 where I had the good fortune to travel to Newfoundland and Labrador.

I have hosted the Pionairs Vancouver Shaughnessy Coffee Club for the past few years. I was the Assistant District Director for the Vancouver Area before becoming the District Director.

Janet Sinclair