• Winnipeg
  • Manitoba


Duties – Treasurer

  • Responsible for the financial affairs of Air Canada Pionairs.
  • Maintains the Bank account(s) for the organization, budget and financial records as required.
  • Along with the President has signing authority on all bank accounts.
  • Receives and deposits all funds due to the organization (including fees for Annual General Meeting social activities).
  • In conjunction with First Vice President responsible for the activities of the Director, Membership specifically with regard to the receipt and deposit of Membership Dues.
  • Pays all obligations on approval of the President, or 1st Vice President in the President’s absence.
  • Prepares a Monthly Financial Statement for submission to the Executive Board and reports all financial transactions to all Executive Board meetings.
  • Prepares an Annual Financial Statement for the fiscal year (from January 1 through December 31) for audit and for submission to the Executive Board, the Board of Directors and the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Performs other duties to assist the President as may be assigned to the position by the President.