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(please do not submit the form below unless you were invoiced and directed to this page)

Note: this form is meant for renewals of existing members that are not on Payroll Deduction. For new membership applications please visit this link. Upon submitting your application for membership in Pionairs, your annual fees will be renewed for one year. Most members are on Payroll Deduction and their dues are taken off automatically from their pay cheque. If you are not on an Air Canada pension payroll, you will be invoiced yearly in June for your dues and sent to this page.
Please do not fill in this form and submit payment unless you have been invoiced by the Pionairs. Otherwise you will be paying twice, once by Payroll Deduction and again here. If in doubt please contact us.

Retired employees and Widow/widowers
(Annual Membership Dues are calculated from June 1 each year.)

Retired employee (includes spouse/partner) CA $15.00, US $8.50, UK ₤8.00, Euro €10.00

Widow/widower of a former employee: CA $7.50, US $6.50, UK ₤4.00, Euro €5.00

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