Join the Air Canada Pionairs

Our Organization consists of an Executive Board and Directors. We currently have 15 Districts across Canada, the USA, and the UK with close to 16,000 members in 41 countries.

The members of the Executive Board and their Directors as well as Committees members are all volunteers and we are the only retiree organization recognized by Air Canada for all retirees.

To communicate with our membership we have an extensive mailing list where we periodically send out announcements. We also offer continued support for our members by responding to all kinds of questions from members, concerning Pension, Medical and Travel benefits, etc.

We maintain a Pensions Sub-Committee to monitor pension developments and report to our membership. This supports the role of the District Directors who regularly send Newsletters to their membership informing them of local events related to Pionairs and all of the above.


Membership shall be open to retired employees of Air Canada or Canadian Airlines International and their Constituent Airlines, regardless of years of service, and shall include their spouse or legal partner or the surviving spouse or legal partner of employees or retired employees.

Associates shall be limited to ex-AC/CDN and associated Airlines' employees, who terminated their employment in good standing and are accepted by the Board. Associate members may not hold office, and do not have a vote.


All members are entitled to the full privileges offered by Pionairs, including periodic bulletins from the District in which you reside and from the National Executive Board as well as opportunities to attend coffee meetings, Spring & Christmas luncheons, picnics, bus-tours, golf and Curling tournaments and the Association's Annual General Meeting. Each district normally issues a local Newsletter 3 or 4 times a year sent to all members via email (if available) and with Canada Post to all others. The Newsletters cover items such as planned Social Activities, a Report from the District Director, miscellaneous information relating to matters of a general interest and information pertinent to retirees.


All Pionairs, other retirees and their spouses or an eligible airline guest are invited to meet at the numerous Coffee Club Meetings held anywhere that there are a sufficient amount of Pionairs to warrant it. Contact your District Director in your area for locations, date and times!


On a one time basis, upon receiving your application for membership in Pionairs, your annual fees are waived until the following June, at which time, your dues will be deducted from your pension payroll on a yearly basis in that month.

Note: If you are not on a pension payroll, you will be invoiced yearly in June for your dues.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Pionairs organization.


Retired employee (includes spouse/partner)

- On Pension: CA $20.00 US $17..00 UK ₤8.00 Euro €10.00

- Invoiced: CA $15.00 US $12.75 UK ₤8.00 Euro €10.00

Widow/widower of a former employee:

- On Pension: CA $10.00 US $8.50 UK ₤4.00 Euro €5.00

- Invoiced: CA $7.50 US $6.50 UK ₤4.00 Euro €5.00