Pension Plan Information

Your personal Pension information can be found on the Aeronet Portal tal website – “HR CONNEX” – under – Retirement menu ˃ Pay & Pension column ˃ My DB Pension.

Further information about Pension can be found on the Aeronet Portal website – “HR CONNEX” – under – Policies & Forms menu ˃ My Benefits column ˃ Pension Plans

Since 2012 the administration of Air Canada’s defined benefit (DB) pension plans for Canadian and U.S. employees is handled by Aon Hewitt.

UPDATE! – In 2014 Air Canada decided to again in-source the Pension and Estates and Benefits Administration.

You can reach the new DB pension plan administrator for assistance through these channels:

HR Connex Centre

Option 1

1-833-847-3675 or 1-514-369-4096

Mon-Fri / 8 am-6 pm Eastern time

HR Connex Pension

Option 2

  • Changing your address or telephone number
  • Changing your banking information for direct deposit
  • Questions regarding your benefits (health, dental, life insurance) 
  • Deductions on your pension payments (income tax, benefits, tax credits)
  • Employee Travel privileges
  • Questions pertaining to your gross pension amount
  • Questions on your spousal pension amount
  • Questions regarding your pension death benefits
  • Reporting the death of a spouse
  • Other Information/services related to HR

Note: As it is important to share recent developments with employees and retirees, a dedicated section is also available on our Website under PENSION – and will include updates from the Pension Sub Committee, when any news occur.