General Information

Originating in South Ontario in 2004, the information in this document was primarily created to be printed for Pionair members who do not normally have access to a computer, or to the various associated 'Internet' based information sites, nor to the receiving of any e-mail based information.

After downloading the PDF file, it is easily printed and/or distributed to those that don't have computer access. It is also a searchable reference to those with computer access.

We have included a number of references to computer information sites etc., so that you can achieve access through a friend, or family member who has a computer, or even through the use of an 'Internet Café' or a Library.

The late Gord Dalziel frequently reminded us that we were "Pionairs helping Pionairs" and we dedicate this section to the memory of Gord whose dedication and hard work with the Pionairs helped make this area possible.

Most of the PDF contents have been compiled from the 'Pionairs' e-mail News' sent out on a regular basis by National, and/or it has been copied from the Pionairs' internet website and Aeronet Portal. It is primarily Air Canada company produced information, which we all realize is being revised often due to the ongoing changes in the industry. Some of the following will therefore become out-of-date but the majority of it will remain current. We will of course try and keep it up-dated with the important changes. In the meantime we suggest that you keep it readily available, because we have included many phone numbers where you can get your questions answered to information not printed here.

Click to download the complete Info Pack (Latest version SEPT. 2018)