Welcome to the USA, Caribbean and Latin American Districts

Kevin Carey
Kevin Carey
District Director

From Alaska’s Arctic to Argentina’s near Antarctic, from Bermuda’s Atlantic to Hawaii’s Pacific, from California to Chile, from New York to Peru, from Mexico to Maine, from Brazil to Brooklyn, from just about one third of the world to everywhere and somewhere that’s our District territory.

How do we cover this massive area? The INTERNET

We have 677 members. If it was not for the Internet we could never keep our members informed and updated on any happenings in a timely manner. We have a little over 80% of our members on-line and we are striving to reach 100% in the near future. The cost of printing and mailing a hard copy of our monthly newsletter to all members is expensive and cost prohibited. However those who do not have internet capability do receive a hard copy of our newsletters and all updates.

Because of the size of our enormous area the normal coffee meetings/gatherings that many Districts conduct are few and far between. It would be asking a lot for somebody in Barbados (they would have to leave two days prior to be on time) to meet somebody in Chicago for coffee. However in several locations a few members do get together to meet and share whatever the local flavor allows.

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Every year we conduct a National USA meeting. The location rotates around the country. This makes it difficult to get many members to any one location. However we have started doing local functions i.e. picnics, luncheons and dinners in several areas where the highest concentration of Pionairs reside. These local gatherings seem to be very successful.

Many thanks go out to our Co-Secretary’s Lynn and Dale Gosney and Mac Francis who is our Treasurer. They keep this District running and their work is appreciated by all our members.

If you need to contact me my e-mail address is kkmc0425@aol.com. Thanks for reading our District page.

Kevin Carey,
District Director.
USA & Caribbean District